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Ear Candle Treatments

Ear and body treatment candles, which are either hollow linen tubes or cones, have been used since the dawn of time in many parts of the world to treat numerous ailments such as otitis (glue ear), migraines, deafness, sinusitis, allergies, tinnitus, etc. as well as for relaxation and stress relief. They are also used for cosmetic problems such as oily skin, juvenile acne and poor circulation.

Ear and body candle treatments are given at my home in Geneva and are generally in three parts. First, we normally begin with a foot or head massage (optional) in order to enhance the effect of the candles. The session concludes with ten minutes of energy work.

Go to Fact Sheets on candling and various pathologies.

If you are not in Geneva and would like a a treatment, there is every possibly that a therapist trained by me practises in your area. Some of them speak several languages, so don't hesitate to contact me for details.


The candles had an effect on my face and scalp.  My face is less greasy and my scalp doesn't itch so much.  They also helped me to clarify my ideas and were 'right on time'.  Totally good - JB

It's very odd.  I feel hyper-sensitive and without my usual body armour (don't need it any more?) as well as a hearing sensitivity, but at the ame time I feel as if I'm wrapped in beautiful energies - KH

I really enjoyed you taking the time to listen yesterday.  Today I feel fantastic. I really enjoyed the Reiki afterwards.  I found it to be an excellent complement.  What would be better is to have two of you!!!

To make an appointment or for further information, contact me on  +41 22 340 13 36 or by email.

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