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Ototherapy : 2nd Cycle Professional Training Course Outline

Ear and body treatment candles have been used by therapists for years although few know about the benefits and their real function.  With the ever-growing demand to obtain certificates and diplomas in the therapies we practise, it is vital to put training in their use on a professional footing.  The idea for this type of course originated in the UK and over the years the content has evolved significantly. Today, my course in Ototherapy has become quite unique in its field.

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Mini-Courses on Ear and Body Treatment Candles

Take part in a mini course for two or more participants at a time, geared to individuals interested in practising the treatment on a non-professional basis. This interactive and highly practical course lasts from 2 to 4 hours. It can be arranged during the day, in an evening or at a weekend.

Participants each give and receive a treatment under supervision. These courses are open to non-therapists only and normally take place at my home in Geneva. If you wish to arrange a course for a minimum of four participants, you will receive a reduced rate.

Participation fee: 125 CHF per person.