Schools and Courses

Active Health

This is Patrick Quanten’s extremely informative website. Patrick is an MD and his paper on Ear Candling and Cancer Therapy, written in collaboration with Greg Webb, forms one of the chapters in Candling for Optimal Health.

Greg Webb

Together with Patrick Quanten, Greg is the person who has taught me the most about the energetic properties of ear candling and opened whole up new vistas. He teaches and treats patients at his centre in Calgary, Canada.

Scottish Spiritual College

The Scottish Spiritual College located in Glasgow, this college, run by Kate Lawrence, offers training courses and seminars on many subjects with a spiritual component as well as healing and other therapies.

The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU)

The Spiritualists’ National Union is the largest Spiritualist organisation in the world, offering a mine of information on the subject as well as courses all the year round in several languages.

About Healing

Based in Malaga, Southern Spain, Graham Crook and Teresa Parrott are reiki masters, authors and teachers of All Love/SKHM. They have written a book Energy Works! Initiation Without a Master. Courses are given in English and Spanish.



Cleansing for Life

Anne-Lise MIller's website.  She is an expert in nutrition, colonic irrigation, etc. and she organises detox retreats in Southern France.  I have known her for over 20 years and she is extremely competent.  A fluent English speaker, her mother tongue is French.

Gagnon Therapies

Beth Jacobs, who has a clinic in the heart of London's West End, sells a magic product called cesium gel. I removed a large liver spot from my face through applying it once a day. Used inside and outside the body it is also highly recommended for vaginal dryness, for burns, for pain after dental surgery, etc. It can also be used on babies. It really deserves a higher profile.



What Doctors Don’t Tell You

A website run by doctors containing information on some of the pitfalls associated with allopathic medicine. It is extremely comprehensive and user-friendly. WDDTY also publishes newsletters and books.

Know-it-all passport
This is the ultimate guide to what is happening in Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France.  Find out what's going on in the area by checking into the website on a regular basis or by signing up to the WHAT TO DO newsletter.  The 780-page Know-it-all passport is only available as a printed paper version with recommendations for new or long-term residents and is sold through local bookshops.