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How does healing work?

For me, it is energy channelled from the inexhaustible universal energy field. The more the healer treats, the stronger the flow s/he channels.

Isn’t healing a bit off the wall?

In the UK alone there are hundreds of registered healers and many of them collaborate with the medical profession, some working directly with general practitioners who refer patients to them. Many of them work in hospitals, too.

What is a registered healer?

Someone who has studied the ethics and practice of healing and who has obtained a recognised qualification. I have a certificate from the Holistic Healers Association International, awarded in 2000, and have been healing for several years. I have also regularly been working with absent healing which is where we send healing energy to someone anywhere in the world.

What motivates a healer?

Our primary motivation is a desire to help people to heal themselves. Of course a feeling of love and compassion must form part of the equation. I only accept donations (minimum 25 CHF) as do many other healers although there are healers who have a set fee.

What happens at a healing session?

When you first consult me, we take time to get to know one another, to see where you are, identify your needs, etc. Thereafter you sit comfortably on a stool and I start by placing my hands on your shoulders, letting the channelled energy do the work. Although I may spend more time channelling to a particular area, energy has its own intelligence and will go where it feels the greatest need—which might not be where you think you have the greatest need.

Do I have to be ill to visit a healer?

You do not have to be suffering with anything specific as healing can also promote a feeling of well-being, relaxation, calmness and peace—very necessary in these changing times. Whilst receiving healing you may choose to listen to some soft, uplifting music or to sit in silence.

How long does it take?

Difficult to say, as the first consultation will take longer, but the actual healing probably takes around 15 minutes although again there is no hard and fast rule.

Do I have to believe in something?

You do not need to have any particular religion or belief system, in fact you might not believe in anything at all. That’s fine; by being prepared to receive healing you obviously have an open mind. A positive mental attitude can however be a definite plus.


Even when healing temporarily disturbs it never works against the individual

Healing works at the level of need in each one of us.

Payment by donation - minimum 25 Swiss Francs


Meeting you was my pleasure and I feel as though I've had a mini tonic, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!  - MS