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Candling for Optimal Health

Candling for Optimal Health has gone further into the subject and the number of words in the earlier book has more than doubled. As before, it contains many case histories where people have found relief through ear and body candling, and much, much more. For example, there is a section on ototoxic medication, fuller information on other therapies that are complementary and a brand new chapter on the immune system, vaccines and nutrition.

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What people are saying about Candling for Optimal Health

Author, Jili Hamilton could be described as "the original" in this field of ear candling, so from the outset you know that this little book will be worth reading.  It contains a wealth of compact information for all users and practitioners of this wide-ranging healing technique.  Backed up with case histories, this book is a confidence building text for anyone unsure about its benefits.  From personal use, on the receiving end, candling is even an enjoyable experience.  Nothing to be afraid of here.

Bill Anderton of Pilgrim's MBS online store

In Candling for Optimal Health, Common and Lesser Known Benefits, author Jili Hamilton writes a comprehensive workbook on the uses of ear candles and cones and their beneficial effects. Written with both the complementary therapist and the lay person in mind, the book provides numerous case histories of people who have found relief from hearing loss, sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches, earache, stress and other health problems by using candling. The book aims to correct the misconceptions about candling; for example, the tool used is not an actual candle but a hollow tube made from linen or cotton, sometimes referred to as a cone, and why and how it works. The book offers chapters on the history of candling as well as its principal uses and examples of the kind of health concerns for which the treatment can be beneficial Jili Hamilton is also one of a handful of practitioners who can explain body candling, a largely untapped field, and its benefits.

(NOTE: To read a four-page article on Candling and the Immune System in this publication (the direct link to the page doesn't work. It is in the AprilD, 2014 edition):

OM Times Magazine - April 2014

Jili Hamilton explains that 'ear candles' (waxed hollow tubes made from linen) work by lighting one end and placing it over the entrance to the auditory canal, where its heat and smoke have a highly beneficial effect on the network of subtle energies and their pathways that congregate in this important area, stimulating acupressure points and the lymphatic system.  She provides a comprehensive account of how to use the candles and their many beneficial effects.  Suitable for both the lay person and complementary therapists, the book gives case histories of people who have found relief from hearing loss, sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches, earache and numerous other health problems, using ear candling.  This engaging, simple and encouraging workbook offers you all the information you need to use ear candles on your family and friends, or your patients if you are a therapist.

Debora Robertson in the Cygnus Review of Books - May 2014

This book guides the reader in the use of ear and body candles or cones that have been used for thousands of years, and provides a comprehensive account of their uses and beneficial effects.  Hamilton has been practising with candles and her experience shows in this interesting book, that is easy to read and well researched. A treasure trove of knowledge!

Yoga Review - A Healthy Light

Very comprehensive book.  The Author draws on her own experience of ear candling with a variety of conditions and introduces body candling, which can open up another avenue of healing for the Practitioner.  Well worth a read.

The S.E.E.D. Institute UK

Jili Hamilton explains that ear candling can be helpful for 'glue ear'. She also discusses other treatments that help resolve glue ear without grommets, such as avoidance of allergens. She has found that ear candling is helpful for non-ear related conditions such as sinusitis and migraines and describes her experiences in her book. She also discusses candling of other areas such as the abdomen. Contraindications for candling are also found in this thoughtful, helpful little book.

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine (issue 16 - 2015)

What Readers said about Hopi Candles

WELL DONE -it's a great publication and I wish you abundant success with it.

- Chris Stormer (the Universal Foot Lady, South Africa)

Jili Hamilton's book, Hopi Candles, is a wonderful book that explains all about Hopi candles, how you can use them and their benefit to mankind. It is written in a very easy to understand style yet bursts at the seams with quality information for the reader. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

- Philip Soloman, medium, author, writer and broadcaster

Jili Hamilton is one of very few who has managed to publish a book about Ear Candling and is talking sense! She has gathered information from a wide variety of sources and has combined it in this book, which is now available in English and French.

- Dr Patrick Quanten, MD

Being a previous sceptic about both the benefits and the safety of Hopi Candles, this book has completely changed my perspective. [It] has provided me with a fresh insight on this treatment which is certainly something I hope soon to offer my clients and would recommend it to any therapist who would like to offer extra treatments to clients with conditions such as excessive ear wax, glue ear, migraine and headache, sinus problems and much more.

- Eileen Burns, Therapist, Scotland

I am terrible for collecting books on therapies I perform and trying to find anything on Hopi Candles was almost impossible, there are only two books and this one is brilliant, gives great insight into the background of the candles.

- A reader from Liverpool, UK

Very informative book - well worth investing in. This is only the second book I've been able to find on ear candling and it was definitely money well spent. It tells you the history, the treatment and some case studies too - I'd certainly suggest this book should be added to any ear candling therapist's book shelf.

- A reader from Oxfordshire, UK

A brill book. I just love it.  it is very interesting.  Explains about problems with the ears and lots of other problems.

- Philippa