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Messages from Beyond the Veil

In this book I have collected writings transmitted through spirit to my paternal grandmother which offer powerful messages of hope and love, both for our earthly lives and the hereafter. Though the messages may not offer conclusive proof of an afterlife, their astonishingly positive message is utterly captivating.

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What readers say about Messages from Beyond the Veil

This book is excellent and although channelled over 70 years ago, the evidence it contains is becoming more and more relevant to our changing times. The writer offers so many delightful insights into daily life.

- A reader from Switzerland

For anyone trying to reconcile Christian views with Eastern philosophy, this book is worth reading. An open mind and an open heart are the only pre-requisites. The simple messages conveyed throughout the book are thought-provoking, and uncannily reaffirm messages conveyed in more recently published books from the same genre of literature. That it was first written two generations ago was enough to draw my interest; that the messages were conveyed to a woman who could have very well been a next door neighbour, or an Aunt Jessie down the street is extraordinary in itself. I have already passed the book on, and do not hesitate to recommend it to readers interested in books on spirituality.

- Tracy